The White Horse Theater

Every year the White Horse Theater comes to our school. The four actors are from England and  they perform in many schools in Europe to show three different plays for the different grade levels. The heading of the play for the 7th, 8th  and 9th classes was „Ends Well, All‘s Well“.

It was about a woman called Helena. She was in love with Bertram. He was a noble man, so Helana had no chance to marry him. One day the king was ill and Helena was the only one who helped him. To give thanks to her she was allowed to marry every man she wanted. So she chose Bertram but he didn`t want Helena as his wife. After the wedding he went to war. Helena found him and in the end Bertram promised to be a good husband.

The play was easy to understand and the actors played very well. But the theme of the play was a little bit boring. All in all it was a good variety from our daily school life.


Luise Keck, Klasse 9

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Two weeks ago the people of the White Horse Theatre came to our school to have an English lesson in a special way with us. Like every year they act in several stories in front of the students. The play for the 11th and 12th graders were about the life of Tess of the d`Urbervilles. She is in trouble all the time, because her family have no money and Tess wants to save them. So she is searching for and meets her alleged cousin Alec. After he raped Tess, she lost her child because it were really sick. After a while Angel Clare,the real love of Tess, married her, but the trouble goes on. He left her after Tess tolt him about the rape. The story is full of harm, love and the difficulties of life.

Who is interested how the life of Tess ends can watch the movie or read how it is going on.


Laura Gaßmann, 11


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