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White Horse Theatre

A brand-new, sparkling clean, not even out of the box teacher.

 The White Horse Theatre is a time honoured tradition at our school.  Every year, the different grades are able to visit different self written plays by the company, all of them consisting of easy language to introduce the various topics as understandable as possible to even our youngest audience. This year, the grades 10, 11 and 12 were shown the same play, a little performance with the name “Teechers”. And no, my dear readers, I did not spell it wrong – this is the actual title.

But yes, the play was indeed about teachers, about graduating from school and its consequences, about several teenage problems, about loss and the importance of leaving and saying goodbye. It was over way too soon and, personally, I really enjoyed it. The actors did a great job and after the performance was done, we as students were allowed to ask some upcoming questions about it or about the actors and their work.

I’m looking forward to the continuation of this tradition in the next year and I’m happy that our school gives us the chance of that whole experience.

 Sandra Naleppa, Kl.11

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